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Your Education Data Ecosystem’s Impact

By Rickie Yudin / January 24, 2017
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Last June, we published a blog outlining the critical components for evaluating your education data ecosystem. It’s hard to believe that more than 6 months have already passed since that blog was first published and we are recommending a mid-year analysis of your ecosystem. This is a great time of year, as you are working on budgets and decision making for next year, to consider whether or not your student data is working for you.  

As a refresher, there are 3 specific areas to focus on for the analysis.   

  • Cost Analysis - Assessing time, resource, personnel, and financial impacts
  • Data Analysis - Evaluating the quantity, quality, and availability of product datasets
  • Program Analysis - Align products to identified school needs and search for gaps

Focusing on these areas yield benefits throughout the school community and will help your tech products work together, positively impact student performance, and help you make informed decisions. Now that you’ve had enough time to work within your ecosystem, think about the areas above and whether or not you’ve made progress in those areas since the end of the last school year.  

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Reflecting is an important and timely action. It’s not particularly complex in its steps, but is difficult in that without going through the process thoroughly and thoughtfully, you are likely to miss valuable details. Don’t worry, though, we are here to help. We’ve included some brief reflection questions that should guide you through the process and then you can download our Product Analysis Mid-Year Reflection Checklist for a more thorough analysis.  

Within the 3 areas of focus, start with these questions:

  • Cost Analysis - What are the changes over the last six months in the way people have been spending time, the resources you are able to allocate to technology, and the information you need to access?
  • Data Analysis - Has the data you’ve accessed noticeably impacted student achievement or teacher performance and is the data telling a trustworthy story?
  • Program Analysis - Were the people using the product thus far satisfied with it and its role in your community?

Ready to dig deeper? Click below for more tips.

Reflect on your Education Data Ecosystem Now

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