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Context/Content vs. Automated/Manual Part I

By Kevin Shane / March 07, 2017
Services that are being developed in EdTech are trending toward providing more automation. Teachers and administrators are busy, and it is almost always welcome to automate some of the processes they have to go through. However, not everything should be automated. There needs to be a process that benefits students while still freeing up a teacher’s time for other ...
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Topics: Data Platform, Education, context and content, automated and manual

School Data Live is School Data Alive

By Rickie Yudin / August 23, 2016
The argument that schools should focus on school is a pretty straightforward one.  In a poignant opinion article a few weeks back, Andrew Rotherham reiterated that idea when he wrote, “as a rule the highest quality institutions we see, in all sectors, are ones that focus on being excellent at something.”  Let’s say schools do get to this dreamworld that Rotherham ...
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Topics: Student Growth, School Performance, Student Performance, Data Analysis, Education Data, School Performance Data, Real Time Data, Student Performance Data, School Data, School Analytics, Learning Analytics, Data Platform, Data Aggregation

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