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Students Are More Than Their Testing Data

By Kevin Shane / February 21, 2017
When meeting students on the first day of school, there isn’t much you know about them right away. Teachers can see their names, possibly a picture, and usually not much else without really digging into every student. Where I used to teach, I could look at all my students’ grades in their previous classes, but that was an extremely time consuming process to go ...
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Topics: Data, Student Success

Getting More out of your standardized testing data

By Abby Spoerl / February 07, 2017
It is late spring, there is light at the end of the school year tunnel, you are starting to feel a little less pressure and stress in your job, and your standardized test results appear in the mail! What always struck me as so interesting was the importance the tests seemed to take on at a district or parental level while also putting so much  pressure/on the kids ...
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Topics: Data, Analysis, Learn, School, Goals, Cohort Data

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