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Context/Content vs. Manual/Automated Part II

By Kevin Shane / March 21, 2017
In our previous blog post, I outlined the differences between looking at context and content and the differences between manual and automated processes. The matrix below shows how these four things can interact. For example, a service can be heavy on content and automated by sacrificing context and manual control. The opposite is also true; a service can be ...
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Topics: Classroom Preparation, context and content, automated and manual

Context/Content vs. Automated/Manual Part I

By Kevin Shane / March 07, 2017
Services that are being developed in EdTech are trending toward providing more automation. Teachers and administrators are busy, and it is almost always welcome to automate some of the processes they have to go through. However, not everything should be automated. There needs to be a process that benefits students while still freeing up a teacher’s time for other ...
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Topics: Data Platform, Education, context and content, automated and manual

Students Are More Than Their Testing Data

By Kevin Shane / February 21, 2017
When meeting students on the first day of school, there isn’t much you know about them right away. Teachers can see their names, possibly a picture, and usually not much else without really digging into every student. Where I used to teach, I could look at all my students’ grades in their previous classes, but that was an extremely time consuming process to go ...
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Topics: Data, Student Success

Getting More out of your standardized testing data

By Abby Spoerl / February 07, 2017
It is late spring, there is light at the end of the school year tunnel, you are starting to feel a little less pressure and stress in your job, and your standardized test results appear in the mail! What always struck me as so interesting was the importance the tests seemed to take on at a district or parental level while also putting so much  pressure/on the kids ...
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Topics: Data, Analysis, Learn, School, Goals, Cohort Data

Your Education Data Ecosystem’s Impact

By Rickie Yudin / January 24, 2017
Last June, we published a blog outlining the critical components for evaluating your education data ecosystem. It’s hard to believe that more than 6 months have already passed since that blog was first published and we are recommending a mid-year analysis of your ecosystem. This is a great time of year, as you are working on budgets and decision making for next year, ...
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Topics: EdTech, Data, School Ecoystem, Analysis, Student Achievement, Data Analysis, School Performance Data, School Data, School Analytics

Education Data Quality and Completeness

By Kevin Shane / January 10, 2017
With the recent push toward heavily relying on education data, it’s extremely easy for schools to just get caught up in the whirlwind without slowing down to map out their options. It’s extremely easy for schools to fall into a few different traps. Some schools have a wealth of data and no plan to use it. Schools need a data map; there needs to be a plan in place ...
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Topics: EdTech, Data, Metrics, Analysis, Data Analysis, Education Data, School Data

Happy Holidays from Learnmetrics!

By Rickie Yudin / December 27, 2016
From all of us to you, happy holidays and a joyful and healthy new year. It’s a true honor and privilege for us to be able to work with the people who do some of our nation’s most important work. Each and every day we connect with educators around the country who are on the front lines serving our children. The stories we hear inspire us to work harder, grow, ...
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Topics: Happy Holidays

Telling a Trustworthy Story with Education Data

By Abby Spoerl / December 13, 2016
In 2016, we saw data take center stage in the education reform arena as well as in everyday practice. A lot of attention has also been paid to the potential drawbacks and/or inadequacies of big data in education....
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Topics: EdTech, Data, Metrics, Learnmetrics, Analysis, School, School Data

Making Student Project Data Management Work in Your Classroom

By Rickie Yudin / November 29, 2016
Nothing is more frustrating than having an incredible project and no way to quantify student success.  Well, actually, that might not be true. It might be equally frustrating to be told that the only way to show a student is successful is on a test.  All the best educators know that there are a myriad of ways for students to demonstrate their skills and that students ...
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Topics: Classroom Data, Student Achievement, Student Performance, Data Analysis, Real Time Data, Student Growth Data, Learning Analytics, Student Success, Teacher Data, Classroom Preparation, Student Reflection

Making Stories Stick Using Data

By Danny Goodman / November 15, 2016
 We love stories....
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Topics: EdTech, Data, Metrics, Analysis, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Future Proofing, School Data

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